Who's the Patron Saint of Pancakes?
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Patron Saints Index Topic List. Because you never know when you might need the Patron Saint of Haemorrhoids or Gravediggers. This actually is a very nice resource for the history of the Saints, their (known or presumed) backgrounds, and when and why they were beatified. Enjoy.
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This is so cool! In 7th and 8th grades, I consumed every Lives of the Saints book I could find and my goodness, this would have been a nice reference to have handy. I think I will light a candle to St. Bernadine of Siena, "Memorial 20 May;Profile: Friar Minor. Priest. Itinerent preacher. Theological writer. His preaching skills were so great, and the conversions so numerous, that he has become associated with all areas of speaking, advertising, public relations, etc." Among other things, he is the patron saint "against hoarseness, chest problems, lung problems, and respiratory problems" and I have this terrible chest cold right now....
posted by Lynsey at 9:39 AM on May 19, 2003

I need Expeditus now. Well, I needed him about a month ago. Now I need the patron saint of facial tics, but there doesn't seem to be anyone appointed yet. Anybody here want the job? Just live saintly and perform a few miracles.
Today is my Mom's birthday - she is going to love this Ufez Jones, and I am going to get bigtime brownie points. Thanks.
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I love this kind of stuff. Thanks!
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From this I learned that King Olav II, the patron saint of Norway, is one of twenty-five patron saints of difficult marriages. Wow! Thanks, Ufez!
posted by Songdog at 11:01 AM on May 19, 2003

Is there a patron saint of deja vu? (In Ufez' defense, this was to a different page on the same site, so he wasn't given a doublepost warning.)
posted by joaquim at 11:10 AM on May 19, 2003

St. D'oh! You'd think a google search would've brought that up. Thanks, joaquim.
posted by Ufez Jones at 11:25 AM on May 19, 2003

My favorite is St. Claire - when she was too ill to attend mass, she found herself able to witness the proceedings from her humble cell in the cloister. Hence the word 'clairvoyant' and the patron saint for television.
posted by alms at 11:49 AM on May 19, 2003

This is fascinating... I was named after the patron saint of lacemakers, it seems. But isn't it just cruel to put the patron saint of prolonged suffering right next to the patron saint of prompt solutions? Who do you think is going to win that popularity contest?

And making the patron saint of actors also the patron saint against oversleeping was a nice touch... Somebody has a sense of humor.
posted by taz at 3:14 PM on May 19, 2003

I knew a patron saint of masturbation was too much to hope for.
posted by Cyrano at 7:12 AM on May 20, 2003

Nor one for dangling prepositions. Damn!
posted by Cyrano at 7:13 AM on May 20, 2003

Therese of Lisieux is also a patron saint of television; same story as St. Claire except it was a trick with a window.
posted by Foosnark at 9:05 AM on May 21, 2003

Yes, but you can get a glow-in-the-dark St. Clare figurine. (Currently on my desk.)
posted by Vidiot at 10:21 PM on May 21, 2003

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