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Object Not Found. Lost and found photographs, postcards and letters.'The collection of postcards, photographs and letters collected here allows me to peek into a however small part of other peoples lives. '
Found via Countries of the Mind, a page about an imaginary world, and its postage stamps and postcards.
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Similar links here for all you found-stuff aficionados.
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Also the found stuff at nikart.
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When I was on sabbatical last summer I was travelling through the southwest then swung up into western BC. One of the things I found while hiking around through forest off of forestry roads was a map. The map was hand drawn and included what apparently was this guys mining location as well as his camp. In the area there are a lot of amateur miners looking for silver, gold as well as less valuable semi-precious minerals.

We were doing something similar, I was just looking for neat souvenirs that didn't come from a gift shop. Anyway, I still have the map, that's my souvenir from that area.

This weekend I was following power trails through bush around where I live. I found something that was strangely out of place, a pristine photograph of a 10 year old girl. This wasn't a snap shot, it was a 5X7 of this girl dressed in her finest. I know it was a 10 year old girl because her name and age were on the back. I picked it up and intended to try and return it to her parents, unfortunately it fell out at some point on the return trip.
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Then, of course, there's Found Magazine.
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And the original Spillway, which has been doing this for years before the rest of 'em.
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