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Buffalo chips and so much more! Welcome to the Silicon Zoo, a place where cheetahs run alongside guitar-strumming T. Rexes, while The Simpson's Milhouse looks on with a grin. Brought to you courtesy of those wacky scientific folk at Florida State University. [More]
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Bag Man posted a link to the Molecular Expressions site back in July 2002, but in regards to their photomicrographs of beer. I stumbled into the site and liked the Zoo so much that I thought it warranted a separate post. This site is so extensive that I'll be wandering around in it for weeks!

Ultra-neat extras from the photomicrographs section: dinosaur bones and superconductors!
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Grrah.... link also provided by louie as a response to a May 2002 silicon art post by Quonsar. Feeling REALLY sheepish now.... (But it's still such a cool link!)
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