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She's been (among other things) Maria Callas, Norma Desmond, and---(of course)---Eva Peron; she's done Sondheim, Mamet, and Porter; she's worked with DeNiro and Spike Lee; and she has a new cd out. Impressed? There's more: Patti Lupone sells stuff on e-bay!
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She's signing posters and then selling them as autographed memorabilia on eBay? At least you can be reasonably certain that you're buying the real thing.

I don't buy from people that have a feedback rating of zero, though.
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My favorite Patti LuPone memories:

1) While playing Fantine in the original London Les Miserables, she was not asked to appear as a chorus member between her character's death early in Act I and her reappearance in the finale. So she would go back to her dressing room (on the top floor of the theatre) and putter around for a couple of hours, have a drink, etc. Until one night she turned the loudspeaker down too low and missed her cue, leaving Valjean alone on stage for several minutes, the orchestra vamping over and over, while someone raced to her room and told her to put the damn wig on and get downstairs.

2) After hearing Betty "Eight is Enough" Buckley claim for the umpteenth time that she had been the original choice for the role of Genevieve in The Baker's Wife (a seventies Stephen Schwartz flop that produced the standard "Meadowlark"), she alluded to the story on her web site with a comment along the lines of "I thank God every day that I haven't turned into a bitter, washed-up old hunk of Div!" This comment was swiftly deleted.

3) Her dancing in Anything Goes was not quite what the critics led one to believe. On one occasion, the supporting cast was annoyed with her and played a memorable trick: stepping backwards and standing still during what was ordinarily a group tap so that all eyes were on Patti alone.

4) Forbidden Broadway has visited Patti several times. The woman who parodied her singing "Anything Goes" sent up her notoriously bad diction by not actually producing words as she sang, just moving her lips and tongue a little as she hit the notes.

Oh, but I kid.
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she called my office last week to get the date she's playing at symphony hall. nice enough to me, had a good laugh, but i've never seen my coworkers act queenier. and i work for a classical music promoter, so this is saying a lot.
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You forgot the part where she was Corky's mom. I want some "Life Goes On" diva stories, dammit.
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