Star Wars Episode II Trailer/Teaser
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Star Wars Episode II Trailer/Teaser has posted what is sapose to be the Episode II teaser, I haven't seen it yet buts its still unknown if it is the real thing.
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I was gonna say something but it'd ruin the fun. I'll let someone else do that.
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I'm voting for fake:

- It's not available on
- It's got lots of questionable footage:
* First spaceship that flies through=Cheesey
* Copying the intro style/text effects of first trailer
* In the big battle scene, are those Jedi wearing kilts? *coughBraveheartcough*
* Gabriel Byrne from Stigmata?
* Christopher Walken (from the Prophecy maybe?)
* Natalie Portman footage (interacting with young man) looks like it was taken from some chick-flick that I didn't see
* Jabba's fortress shot from RotJ
* Jar Jar wasn't annoying
* Senator Palpatine + various space battle shots from Episode I
* Coruscant looks a little "too" 3D Studio Max
* Multiple Boba Fetts, while an exciting idea, is composited very poorly (plus front Boba pose looks taken from Jedi.)
* NO dialog? Come on.

Of course, I could be wrong. That said, some things were done very well, and if this is a fake, it's pretty good. Have to wonder where the footage of the sweeping vistas, the new Anakin, Jimmy Smits, new Darth Maul footage, etc came from. Kudos to the maker! (whose name most likely is not George.)
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From -

"TFN FanFilms has just completed the large version of the EPISODE II TEASER TRAILER. Using the exact same software and codec that LucasFilm used for Episode I, the trailer has been mistaken by MANY for the real thing. We do wish this was the real trailer but alas, it is only from a very dedicated and talented fan."
posted by adam at 9:16 PM on July 24, 2000

now that i have watched it, i think its fake but a damn good one, that battle scene with all of the lightsabers looks like its from some other movie maybe braveheart and why whould the jedi have shields?, so yup its a fake......probably
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If adam's post wasn't enough: I made copies of the "jacket" pictured on that page (I work at the Kinko's in Hollywood on Vine). Curious, I asked what it was, and the gentlemen replied, "Just a joke my friends and I put together."

If I knew it was for, I would have asked more. Plus, the shot of the unknown girl in the middle of the clip is from "The Last of the Mohicans." Although, it is fairly well done regardless.
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The cheesey spaceship was the only indicator that I noticed, but I'm not a hardcore fan. Hey, waddya wanna bet that in the second episode, a rag-tag group of rebels blow up some sort of evil empire headquarters?

all obnoxiousness aside, I found myself thinking that it will actually be quite painful to watch Anakin Skywalker go through the "necessary" transformations/pain to become Darth Vader. Definitely something dark and disturbing going on there.
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Guys... If you read the "note from the director" link on the original link's page, it states very clearly this is a fan-based creation. It's an incredibly good fan-based creation, but a fake nonetheless. No guessing about it. The guys who made it fess up to it themselves, kinda like the Blair Witch producers.

I saw many of the available new films at that domain last night. I had seen Star Dudes before and loved it. Didn't know they made a sequel: The Bad Dudes Strike Back.. Cool Dude! PA Wars was mildly amusing with the use of the Bee Gees and also an amusing use of the Taco Bell Yoda glass. Star Wras is nice eye candy. Finding Child looks great but was quite a disappointment in the writing department. Same with New World Part Seven and The Dark Redemption.

New World has some great amateur swordfighting, and though the acting and writing is zombiesque, the special effects look very hightech and expensive. The Dark Redemption is visually pleasant, but drags too long. The pacing is terrible, and certain scenes appear to occur simply because someone on the crew promised friends cameo roles. The idea of Boba Fett becoming a kinda good guy in the end while the Jedi Jade character... well [insert sarcasm] I don't wanna give away the surprise ending. The dialogue sounded like the stuff I write when I'm drunk and think I'm funny. Overall, an ambitious effort that I was glad to have experienced, but am glad i didn't spend money on. Otherwise I would have felt cheated.

Looks great. Less filling. I wish such talented effects and costuming and whatnot could pair up with people who actually know how to write. A few of the Dark Redemption scenes are very impressive visually.

Overall worth an hour or two of clicking around if you're on a fast connection. Although some may find this a more interesting experience.

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Watch it closely, there are cuts from Return of the Jedi, Braveheart (look for the shields and kilts), Dune, Last of the Mohecans, and Episode 1.

It's not that hard to be a Jedi. (shameless self-promotion)
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plinth at 12:07 PM on July 25, 2000

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