The Matrix Reloaded, Good?
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The Matrix Reloaded Sucks or maybe it doesn't and doesn't and as the majority of reviews say doesn't. I'm confused. I saw the movie and it felt, as the first reviewer nicely put, like it was a written with an overabundant use of the thesaurus, with little character development, unexpected and unnecessary scenes, and an overuse of special effects. My opinion appears to be a minority though. What did you think?
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I agree with your assessment.

I can't believe I stayed up past my bedtime just to see it at midnight. What was I thinking?

Actually that first review reads almost as if I wrote it myself.
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I certainly had my complaints about the movie.. but knowing that the third movie will likely explain a lot of my confusion away, I'm not nearly as upset as many people are...

Also, all that "unintelligible thesaurus dialog" made sense to me, for the most part... not trying to say "oohh I'm just smarter than you" or something.. but I think my interest in various philosophies and religions helped me understand a lot of all that metaphysical / philosophical hoo-hah they were tossing around... It still sounded rather pretentious to me... hell, very pretentious.. but I dunno.. I sorta liked it...

The rave though.. jesus.. that sucked ass... that whole scene really took away from the movie... Morpheus's speech would have been only 1/10th as sucky, though, if they did something to make his voice not sound completely retarded... I dunno what it was about his voice.. it just didn't sound right at all... I don't think he's a bad actor, I just think the actual sound of it was screwy... anyone else notice that?
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I think this is a terrible post, and does not belong here.
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You asked.
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I've gotta agree with wonderchicken. Not the place.
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It might only slightly improve your opinion, or not, but check out Deconstructing ‘Reloaded’, a quickie from, which references this much longer analysis from a Kung Fu Philosopher at Corporate Mofo.

I was underwhelmed, too. But before reading pieces like this it was the long philosophy lectures that annoyed me most. Now I think the storytelling and the "action sequences" were the low points.
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I think this stavros fella is bringin' the sense.

Clearly, this topic appeals to many. That doesn't make it worthy of an FPP. Try waiting until you stumble across something unique and interesting, the post about that, and slip the Matrix poll into the question cleverly. Very smooth.
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I don't see why the post must be ruined with comments suggesting that the post doesn't belong.
Can we stop bringing posts offtrack?

If people feel that the post doesn't belong, they won't comment.

It's just plainly stupid to start a 20 comment discussion on whether or not the post belongs.

If you like it, reply in relation to the post itself, if not, don't.

If you feel you must comment on the necessity of the post itself, go to MetaTalk.

End of story.
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I thought it was boring. The only thing that got a rise out of me was the sneaky comparison of Bush to Hitler, which made me laugh. Hopefully it will create a controversey that will be more entertaining than the film.

Here's the best comment I've read so far: There's No Exit From the Matrix
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go to MetaTalk.

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There is a FilmFilter (FiFi?) btw. Just saying.
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What is it with bashing the rave scene? I was reading a discussion of Matrix on another site today and everyone seemed to be bagging that bit. Maybe it's just because I'm a sucker for hearing dance music on a good surround soundsystem but I liked it. Admittedly, not many people dance like that outside of music videos. On a related note, does anyone know whether it was Juno Reactor's music playing during the highway chase scene?
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The Salon review gave the best interpretation of the rave scene I've read.

What follows is a thunderously exciting all-night multicultural rave, an ecstatic dance party the likes of which I've never seen on film before -- intercut with a hot 'n' sweaty interlude between Neo and Trinity, who've been struggling to find some Q.T. together amid the impending apocalypse and hordes of strangers who want Neo to bless their babies. One of the marks of genuine genius in the Matrix films, I think, is the way the Wachowskis manage to have it both ways so much of the time: They can make a box-office-busting action spectacular that is also an explicit critique of media-age capitalism and a lefty-Christian parable. They can turn a sex scene between two movie stars with fabulous bodies into a celebration of the sheer sensuous delight we all share (or should share, anyway) just at being alive, experiencing the world with our own bodies and our own minds.
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