The walls just get closer
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In Anne Frank fashion, a man sentanced to death by Saddam Hussein emerges from hiding after twenty years. Years spent living In between the walls of his parents house.
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Wonder if the US or someone in the US will set him up with replacement teeth
posted by rough ashlar at 3:33 PM on May 26, 2003

I'm 19. My entire life, he's been between those walls. An innocent man.

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I don't understand why he didn't just actually leave the city or the country. Perhaps he didn't want to abandon his parents, but it's not like he was in a position to support them or protect them from anything.
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I agree. Difficult as it would be to leave the country, I'd certainly give it a go after 10 years.
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"I feel as if I had just given birth to him again," she said."

Where exactly was he hiding?
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nope, probably not, PG. in that respect you have much in common!
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Wow... I couldn't even imagine... I get bored after a few days by myself, I can't imagine how bored he got!
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This thread definitely needs a mention of Harriet Jacobs, who spent 7 years living in an attic space 7 ft. X 9 ft. X 3 ft. high in order to avoid sexual persecution by her white master. At least Anne Frank could walk around.
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