Other People's Stories
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Other People's Stories: "These stories have been overheard and misheard, told and re-told and sometimes refined over time. They do not shy from hearsay, gossip, myth or guys we knew in high school." Some of the stories are funny (warning: NSFW picture on that link), others sad, scary, and some just bizarre.
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Good stuff, thanks.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 7:37 PM on May 26, 2003

great, great stories
posted by lotsofno at 7:47 PM on May 26, 2003

I love a good story, great post.
posted by RylandDotNet at 7:48 PM on May 26, 2003

double post
posted by PrinceValium at 8:49 PM on May 26, 2003

double post

Ooops. I searched for the link, but didn't find it. Sorry!
posted by eclectica at 8:59 PM on May 26, 2003

You probably left "In the last month" as the time period. I suspect that's responsible for at least half the doubles around here; Matt should probably change the default.
posted by languagehat at 9:10 PM on May 26, 2003

Well, shit, that just consumed an entire evening of my so-called life.

Which, in retrospect, was a lot better than wasting it on television, like so many others do. And probably no worse than wasting it on unpaid work, which is what I'd normally half-assedly do.
posted by five fresh fish at 9:36 PM on May 26, 2003

I didn't see it the first time. Thanks, eclectica.
posted by ArsncHeart at 12:21 AM on May 27, 2003

Last time this was posted, I think the site was new, and the stories were a little thin on the ground, so I forgot all about it. I don't care that this is a repost, the site is now superb, thanks for bringing it back to me!

I just love that story about the apple green zoot suit.
posted by chrid at 2:04 AM on May 27, 2003

This is why I'm appreciative of double posts. Chances are, I'd never have spotted it otherwise. And that would be a shame, since it's a really great site.
posted by kavasa at 2:13 AM on May 27, 2003

Great stories. Very "This American Life".
posted by GriffX at 1:09 PM on May 27, 2003

I like this. Thanks, eclectica.
posted by plep at 12:02 AM on May 28, 2003

For more fun, check out In Passing!
posted by black8 at 7:47 AM on May 28, 2003

If you like that, check out Storyblog, fray's blog on story sites:
posted by fraying at 11:09 AM on May 28, 2003

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