Oops...Is my slip showing?
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I AM the Federal Government. "L'Etat, C'est Moi", apparently said Louis XIV of France. You would have thought a guy with a French-sounding family name who also happens to be a brasshat in the US govt., would have steered clear of a modern paraphrase of a despotic 'Old Europe' monarch. Wouldn't you? (from The Seattle P-I & The Jewish World Review)Hmm, hard to find at JWR - they wouldn't have removed it, would they? Aah, but Google have it)
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FYI, this is almost two weeks old. Most people read it in the May 15 Washington Post.

Of course, it's never too late to bash Tom DeLay! :)
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pmurray, why do you assume that most people read the washington post?
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Yh, I knew it was there, but I found it at JWR, Buzzflash & the Seattle P-I - how many sources should I cite?

I also wonder why his assistant said he said: "I'm with the federal government." So was the restaurant manager who requested he 'put it out'. Does DeLay mean to say that federal officers or employees can flout the law, but others cannot?

Wonder why JWR has dropped it: google's cache points here: - which is a different column by the same journalist (who also got it into WaPo).

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Well, if he visits NYC he can puff all he wants in the Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel, along with all the other rich and powerful asshats movers and shakers.
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I believe Louis said "I am the state" which in Louis' time, would have made Delays power akin to the local dog catcher.
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Indeed it would have, clav. That was then, and this is now.

This guy is apparently only powerful enough to co-ordinate the gerrymandering of the Texas congressional districts, and the ultra vires tracking of runaway senators, too.

I see a pattern emerging: disregard for limits on power, and placing himself above the law. Very democratic.
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This is the same dork whose office keeps calling to offer my uber left wing boss a "National Leadership Award." It's a big telemarketing scam- I'd be embarrassed if I came from his district. As it is I'm just embarrassed for them.
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Josh Marshall has also been keeping an eye on DeLay's recent shenanigans.
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There's a big difference between a federal agency and a QUASI-federal agency. Take it from me. Je suis le gouvernement quasi-fédéral!
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Wow! Homonculus - that stuff looks like much more behind the scenes 'interventions' than is usual.

Using contacts in the DoJ to stymie legitimate Voting Rights Act stipulations: this gets murkier & murkier.
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this seems like little more than a freudian slip to me. i just don't see what the big deal is. then again, i'm not familiar with this despicable person you guys are describing.
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You sure he was riffing on "I am the state"? Not "I am the law"? DeLay might be a closet Judge Dredd fan. Or maybe he sees himself in a gangster film. Could it have been a subtle reference to the anthrax mailings?
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oog: nor was I till recently. I guess whats going on is so unusual that I find myself reading up about it some.

Anyways, isn't a freudian slip meant to reveal the hidden meaning behind our usual speech? At least that's my understanding [see link title] - and Wikipedia's. In which case... he really did mean "I am the federal government..."

Large pinches of salt all round, of course.
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