Huarochiri: A Peruvian Culture in Time
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Huarochiri: A Peruvian Culture in Time. 'Huarochir is an Andean province near Lima, Peru. This site offers an ethnographic and historical tour of some of its communities. It samples the Huarochir Quechua Manuscript, which alone among colonial documents explains a pre-Christian tradition in an Andean language, and visits modern highlanders who inhabit and interpret the mythic landscape.' Related :- Martin Chambi. Chambi was an Amerindian Peruvian photographer famous for his photographs of indigenous Andean life. The site is in Spanish - no impediment to enjoying the photographs.
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I'll second that! I'm particularly entranced by the Martin Chambi photographs. The photo enlargement links are off by one or two, but it's worth puzzling through to get to the moody images. Thanks, plep -- another amazing link.
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peru's not doing so hot lately, but you kinda figure looking at the pictures that "the mystery capital" passed the andeans by :D and they're probably none the worse for wear!
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