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Miss, Miss! Little Jimmy Bond peeked at my intelligence report! "The UK's latest move in the fight against terrorism is a secret project to bring together intelligence data from the UK's security agencies, say reports." Because normally, it's far more sensible to have all the different agencies hoarding their own information and not letting anyone else see it... But seriously: first steps to a UK TIA? Knowing the inefficiences, bureaucratic in-fighting, and awful data mess that these agencies routinely engage in, I doubt it.
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Not to mention the inability of any UK governmental computer project to be brought in within budget, on time, working etc. etc. (at least, that seems to be the case whenever Crapita are on the job, and they invariably are....).

The Home Office is pushing forward with its plans to introduce a national ID card and it is currently consulting on legislation to increase snooping powers on the internet.

Oh yes, ID Cards - that'll stop terrorism in it's tracks. They've been trying to find a way to get ID Cards through for years, 9/11 was a godsend really wasn't it?

But it's all in the name of freedom, right?
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Why do you hate freedom so much?
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[sweeps cobwebs aside on his way into the thread]

I think that the Information Commissioner would have some fairly fruity views about this as he did on the subject of entitlement cards recently.

Besides, there are Civil Service codes of conduct which prohibit the sharing of information across Governmental departments. Anyone else foresee a legal challenge from the likes of Liberty?
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