David Levine's Drawings
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When Most Of The Reviews (And Indeed Books) Are Long Since Forgotten, David Levine's extraordinary portraits of the public figures and obsessions of the last 40 years will stand as a lasting impression of our literary and political lions, masters, avatars and bugbears. The generous and ever essential New York Review of Books offers us a complete and fully searchable gallery of the great caricaturist's work since its first issue hit the stands back in 1963 - almost 2,000 cartoons in all. It's fascinating to trace the sequence and evolution of Levine's drawings through the years of particular figures: Nabokov and Beckett, for instance.
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Tullio Pericoli can kick Levine's ass every day of the week
Twice on a Sunday
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Great link, MC. I especially enjoyed sampling the images in chronological order to watch his skill and talent grow through the years.
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Thanks, Miguel. I've been looking for caricature sites recently. I'm surprised to see such an extensive collection, it is fascinating in its scope. Worthwhile simply as a study of the evolution of Philip Roth's hair and eyebrows.
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I especially love this caricature of an intense Beethoven. It's classilicious.

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What happened to the NYRB anyhow? A few years ago it was well over a hundred pages and full of long articles that were always fascinating to read. Now it's lucky to make fifty pages, the articles are much shorter and less in-depth, and I have seemed to find a smaller fraction to be interesting. Anyone know what has been going on over there?
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Cameldrv, Here's what I think: The Cold War ended, and Marxism and socialism, which provided the text of intellectual culture for the previous 100 years or so, petered out, costing NYRB (along with every other intellectual outlet) a lot of momentum. Bush-hating, war-opposing, and environmentalism just haven't been able to replace the incredible traction NYRB enjoyed at the height of the Vietnam, Nixon and Reagan years. Throughout it all, however, David Levine has continued to class-up its pages, and provide the continuity that -- to tell you the truth -- is one of the strongest contributors to NYRB's continuing cachet.
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This is great - thanks Miguel.
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Miguel, I didn't really think you'd go for it, let alone come in bang on target. Nicely played, sir, nicely played.
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