Mr. Spock's Nudes
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Mr. Spock's Nudes David Bowman talks to 72-year-old Leonard Nimoy about Leonard Cohen's music, the famous Vulcan hand sign, and his movie career, but especially about his new book of female nude photographs, and how they relate to the Kabbalistic idea of Shekhinah. Nimoy comes across as more than a little flaky (but that's nothing new); turns out he can also be thoughtful, perceptive, and dryly funny.
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hm. Has salon given up on the whole 'watch an annoying ad and read the article for free' paradigm?
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Hmm, given the response when his website was discussed I'm a little surprised he has released a book. I suppose the title link captures the essence of the draw of the publication.
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Well the book came out last October, so it's not that new. But when it did come out, he was bumped from a Seattle gig due to the book's contents.

"Your reign of tyranny is over, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle! Thanks to Leonard Nimoy, Seattle and its surrounding suburbs will now walk free!" -Tina Fey, SNL
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All things considered, he's done pretty well for an actor so associated with a single character. I'm sure there's still people surprised to see that his ears aren't really pointy.
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hm. Has salon given up on the whole 'watch an annoying ad and read the article for free' paradigm?

No, they just don't have the ad link on that page. Interesting. I went to the comics (I read This Modern World) and clicked around there. Clicked the ad link, etc, etc.

This might work.
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Still, it's sexier than Madonna's Sex book. Possibly.
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