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Goblins in upstate NY! Brought to you by Adventures in Midland. They have a very indepth, Live Action Roleplaying website. Funny pictures and all that. Go Too much too look at in one sitting... I feel like this has been posted here already, apologies if that's true.
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Allow me to be the first to say, "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"

At any rate, me and my friends were always too lazy to do live-action roleplaying in junior high. That required costumes and physical activity. Hell, we didn't even bother with dice. We just sat around and talked, giving the GM the benefit of the doubt.
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giving the GM the benefit of the doubt

Funny, we did that in Junior High as well. However, this was back in the early 80s, and I could have counted the amount of gaming supplements with my various appendages (without repitition).

LARP is pretty popular on the web it seems. If I counted right, there are 612 worldwide LARP organizations represented by that one index.
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Heh, that's funny. Here in NJ, I've just hit the heavy LARP season. I'll attend one tomorrow, run one in two weeks, and help run one two weeks after that.
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The only LARP worth its salt, IMHO, are the groups of Trekkies who go in costume and character to Ren Fairs. That kills me.
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Oh my gosh - I live in Rome! And this is going on in my back yard?! lol...
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