Kinky/kawaii new trend -- teen lesbian bands hit Japan.
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The Japanese Tatu clones are here: Juemilia and Suitei Shoujo (Presumed Girls). Do Rino and Lissa have a message for their fans? (via Geisha asobi blog)
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I dunno... it's just not the same without them singing in dripping-wet school uniforms
posted by gyc at 12:42 PM on May 30, 2003

oh come now, Japan has been doing schoolgirls forever

posted by badzen at 1:42 PM on May 30, 2003

Japanese Tatu clones

my prayers have been answered!
posted by GeekAnimator at 1:59 PM on May 30, 2003

I've already heard this on the radio in the US ... my, but we live in interesting times, don't we?
posted by pyramid termite at 2:02 PM on May 30, 2003

Can I be the first to say that we don't need Japanese Tatu clones.
posted by jamespake at 4:16 PM on May 30, 2003

Watch the videos. The original Tatu is just a boring attempt to be provocative, not really pushing the boundaries; but Juemilia is truly disturbing in a Japanese way. Suitei Shoujo is like "Nihonjin Tatu SD!" -- the sillier and toned-down version that usually comes out after an original series becomes a hit -- or like a Morning Musume variety show skit gone horribly wrong.

These groups are a natural extension of the popular culture that's produced Battle Royale and Jisatsu Circle.

Not to mention parallels between this and the semi-fictional J-pop culture of William Gibson's books.
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Is that offensive?
posted by asok at 7:00 PM on May 30, 2003


If you're going to make stupid comments like that, provide an e-mail address on your member page so I can flame you.
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Peh, and they were saying stupid cheeky girls were child pornography.

Are these girls celebrity in Japan?
posted by mversion at 11:27 PM on May 30, 2003

Even Japan's Empress Of Pop, Ayumi Hamasaki, seems to be giving a nod to the faux-lesbian chic visual style recently, judging from the four variant covers of her newest album A Ballads... each one a different (and amazingly CGId) image of 'current' Ayu lying with or embracing with 'past' Ayu. O_O
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I can picture "society" in 20 years time:-

The marketing machine continues to up the are in we have naked 8 year-old girls performing cover versions of Britney Spears tracks - MeFi-ites cracking jokes about it to appear liberal and open-minded.
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If you're going to make stupid comments like that...

I don't get it. The confusing comment, the term "lemons", the google link, the outraged reaction - all zipping over my head at fantastic speeds.

I checked the links, did I miss something?
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asok thought he could ingratiate himself by messing with me.

Check his member page, and the threads he started on MetaTalk.

The wording of my first comment may have been a little off. I didn't mean to imply that people disagreed with me, or that this FPP was somehow misunderstood. I just wanted to remind people to watch the videos, because that was the most important part of the post, and I hoped that people would watch the videos.
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son_of_minya - I did what you said but I don't see your point. Nor did I get the lemons comment from Asok. Does this make me stupid? Does this all refer back to some specific thread that I missed or is it just some weird surreal nonsense?
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Perhaps these words from the Zen FAQ can shed some light on this:
One of the central points of Zen is intuitive understanding. As a result, words and sentences have no fixed meaning, and logic is often irrelevant. Words have meaning only in relation to who is using them, who they are talking to, and what situation they are used in. Some postings are indeed nonsense; other postings appear to be nonsense at first but this is because the meaning is all between the lines.
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Further links of interest:

Roni and Lissa talking, in bikini tops, about something called Space Shower TV.

And this site has high resolution photos from a Suitei Shoujo concert, which make me ask myself, is this wrong?

Renewed the search after Geisha asobi blog posted about these images from what I'm guessing is Suitei Shoujo's latest music video. (Link here. It's down now, and couldn't find it on Google cache or the Wayback Machine. If anybody finds this video, please e-mail me.)
posted by son_of_minya at 12:38 AM on June 4, 2003

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