a bed you wouldn't want to wake up in...
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isolation stretcher: staff at a japanese medical system support company demonstrate the company's 'isolation stretcher': "The highly protective stretcher, which costs 5.2 million yen (a half million dollars?), has been in demand since the spread of SARS" ...a 'bed' you wouldn't want to wake up in.
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i'm sorry, i've no time to google up this post: i've got to go to work (& there's a typhoon working it's way through japan this a.m. too), but i hope this makes for an interesting thread.
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5200000 JAPANESE YEN (JPY) = 43580.2883 US DOLLAR (USD)

[bloomberg currency calc]
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I had a feeling there must have been an extra zero that crept into that conversion. People aren't quite THAT crazy over SARS to start buying super-stretchers at a million bucks a pair.
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I don't see the place for this expensive gadget. All SARS patients should be in respiratory isolation, preferably in a negative pressure room. If you have to transfer one somewhere else, put an N95 mask on the patient until he gets where he's going. Disposable N95 masks retail for about US$1, and surely much less in the large quantities that hospitals buy.

SARS is a remarkably difficult little bug. Canada just had another rash of cases, after they thought they had it licked.

It's not cool to eat civet cats, kids.
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but kopi luwak is still ok, right?

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