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Khajuraho. History and extensive galleries on the Indian temple site (built in the tenth century) famous for its erotic sculptures. (Not suitable for work, and the front page contains a warning that it is not suitable for under-21's). (more inside)
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Kamat's Potpourri also has a good page on the erotic arts of India - temple art,miniatures and so on (and by no means just 'straight' material).
The sexuality section of includes texts on sexuality and religion from various civilisations, from the Kama Sutra to Ovid and Sappho to the founding myth of Japan.
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The only thing that may leave "...a legacy as contradictory as the Khajuraho temples, with their mix of the religious and the sensuous..." is this web site, with Swami Rajesh Chopra's painful navigation (no thumbnails, but his picture on every page!) and a midi "Put Your Hand in the Hand" playing as the erotic / Hindu imagery is displayed. Weird and wonderful. But mostly weird.
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21! What's the age of army recruitment again?
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Seperated at birth: Swami Rajesh Chopra and Billy Joel
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Look, Swami Rajesh Chopra's in with Miss World 2000. Are you?
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homunculus once again amazes with topical links. Thank you.
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There's a beautiful book on Khajuraho, featuring exquisite photography by Magnum's Raghu Rai. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print.
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Great links, all. Thanks plep!
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