Portfolios from cool contemporary illustrators
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Sunday art stroll - visit the portfolios of some contemporary illustrators and artists ranging from the sweet, the sophisticated, and the sexy to the satiric and the strange. (flash warning and some illustrated nudity)
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ok. that's just neat. some other cool portfolios.
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Oh, and I should probably give a shout out to Andrew Abb at the wonderful gmtPlus9 who recently celebrated his fourth year of blogging some of the most stupendous art links, and who no doubt was the source of some of these. He's having a Johnny Horton rockabilly fest at his place today - go there now!
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The eyes have it - delightful, juju, thanks for being such a fascinating cicerone! :)
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try a skwish for more illustrations and a huge list of links to other illustrators and artists. one of them being me, but i think since the list has maybe 200 people on it, this ought not to qualify as a self link...
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[this is good] - thanks madamjujujive.
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good good good!
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You want to see good illustration work? Here are just a few: Steve Brodner, Jorge Colombo, Josh Gosfield, Danny Hellman, Knickerbocker, Stephen Kroninger, Christoph Niemann, Brian Rea, Felix Sockwell, Ward Sutton, Steve Wacksman and of course Chip Wass. Enjoy.
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These are b-e-a-utiful.
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