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Remember the Coastal Records Project? When I first heard about this, I applauded, then wasted a couple of hours looking at the nice pics. But I couldn't help wondering when they'd run into some compound of a celebrity who'd put up a stink (okay, I was hoping it would be Ah-nold, and there'd be a scene reminiscent of his movies, stinger missile launched from his patio at the helicopter...) alas, it's only Barbara. Still, does this only make me wonder if our celebrities are helping push through laws to establish themselves in a higher class than us peons? Please note that the irony of rich people suing each other isn't lost on me, and I'm not trying to put forward that it could be any one of us touring in a helicopter doing this. But I mean, the guy's taking picture's of the whole coast, not just some star-map, coastline version. Until this lawsuit, I'd wager, only the most dedicated stalker would've known this was her place. But now...
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The CCRP dude has some more info on the hoo-hah on his front page, with a quick link to the offending pic. Maybe they should black out the areas of the photos that conform to the boundary lines of her property, and put a note in to say that Streisand sued? That would make her look like the precious twit she is. Also, I was thinking, what about all the other commercial satellite databases? Surely their directly overhead shots will be far more infomrative than this oblique shot - okay it's high resolution but you can't actually see that much in terms of access routes and so on.
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Stars are masters of the publicity game and what better way to draw publicity than start a controversial lawsuit.. about publicity.

The problem with blacking out the house it sets precedent and others could request the same putting a burden on the projects viability. But, if a judge rules in favor of Barbara, the project was misguided from the start it may be we don't have the right to view the entire coastline, at least beyond the public property up to high tide.
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I'm just wondering how long it will be before all of the falls off the bluff. It's all built pretty close to the edge, and erosion is a powerful force.
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That would be Barbra...
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Does this goes to show us that when you have too much money you get paranoid?

That photo hardly would be useful for routes to access her property.

Stalkers, indeed, with the security she already must have, what else is ther to worry about?

Me. Me. Me. comes to mind as opposed to the benefits of such a project.

How much does the gardener make to a] garden and b] not to sell schematic drawings of the property online?

Yes, stbalbach, I agree with you, cheap publicity indeed.
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What I want to know is whose house THIS is... sheez!! If you look closely you can see the guard dogs by the back door. (Here's an example of it in context -- center photo).
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Barbara? ... Don't you mean MECHA-Streisand?

I can just see the pictures now... Barbara eating the helicopter, Godzilla coming out of the sea to attack this evil monster, the whole California coast destroyed.

But on the other hand, this would make it a lot easier for Chef to find her mountain condo in the first place, so she wouldn't have any chance at all of getting the magic triangle and becoming ... MECHA-Streisand.

"Well, I always heard she was kind of a b**ch." --Chef, Mecha-Streisand Episode 112
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Page four of Streisand's bio at barbrastreisand.com comments that "like the true Renaissance woman she is, her life and her art are dedicated to the humanities as reflected by The Streisand Foundation, which is committed to gaining women's equality, the protection of both human rights and civil rights and liberties, the needs of children at risk in society, and the preservation of the environment. Through The Streisand Foundation, she directly funded the United States Environmental Defense Fund's research for and participation in the recent Global Warming world summit conference in Kyoto. Her environmental dedication is reflected, also in her donation to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy of the five-home, 24-acre Malibu estate on which her "One Voice" concert had been performed. The site has been dedicated as a center for ecological studies."

Funny girl.
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The house I grew up in, along with my front yard, is in this picture from the same project. One house away from the beach, and you can see the shabby patio furniture! I should urge my mom to sue. . .
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The rich guy with the helicopter and digital camera has posted some other rants in reaction to his project (about halfway down the page).
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I note that Barbra (how on earth did she end up with such an awful name?) has one helluva sewage outflow pipe spilling out the north/west side of her estate.

And that the cabana boy has apparently been banished to the beach. He's standing, so it's not likely that she pitched him over the cliff.
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Pfft, forget about Babs' house. I'd rather sneak into the yard with the huge-ass trampoline (look in the upper left corner of the hi-res version of the pic.)
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