Now admit it.
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Now admit it. You've always wanted to do this.
posted by Steven Den Beste (5 comments total)
Already did, countless times. If you really want to, buy an old 386 from Ebay for 40 bucks and then break all your angry littl' heart desires to.
posted by tiaka at 5:02 AM on July 26, 2000

Yuppers, when my old 486 died, I did what I always threatened to do to it. Took a ball-peen hammer to the insides of the case, and smashed them peice by peice. (I advise using gloves and safety goggles.) Then I started a nice toasty fire in a 55 Gallon Barrel and tossed them all in. Stoked the fire good, and melted about 75% of the components.

Then, I went up a 15 story dorm where I work, and since it is summer, no one was around. With my boss on the look out below, I tossed the monitor out. It went boom very nicely.
Although clean-up was a bitch.
posted by da5id at 5:52 AM on July 26, 2000

"Evil faces may vary" I love that part. =)
posted by ZachsMind at 6:09 AM on July 26, 2000

Is this the opposite of the PC vs. Mac conversation?
posted by thirteen at 7:50 AM on July 26, 2000

But Steven, I do do that. For money. Oh, I see -- it doesn't need to go back together again afterward. Nemmind.
posted by dhartung at 11:35 AM on July 26, 2000

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