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Newly Digital is an electronic anthology of sorts. Due to the technological advancement of these things we call "computers", it's a subject ripe for nostalgia. As seen here by bloggers writing about their first . . .
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liked reading these. brought back lots of memories. thanks.

(for the record, c64. man, i remember the first time i saw california games being played by an older kid at my "computer camp" -- he had those fingerless gloves, and THE EPYX JOYSTICK. he was surrounded by five or six other kids who seemed equally entranced. it was, without a doubt, one of the more k-rad moments of my life. i managed to buy the game maybe a year or so later, and it's still one of the best games i've ever had the privelege to play.)
posted by fishfucker at 5:26 PM on June 2, 2003

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