Sims on Fox?
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"It could be a sitcom or something completely different" What is it? A new show on Fox, based on the Sims video game by EA's Maxis studio. Will Wright, the creator of the Sim line of games, has signed on to help create the show, which is being described as "blending puppetry with animation" and "set in feudal Japan but dealing with modern-day suburban situations". If that's not "orignial", then I don't what is.
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orignial: my attempt at a wholly original spelling of the word "original". Thank you, thank you.
posted by Hackworth at 9:42 AM on June 3, 2003

Because feudal Japan has *so* much in common with suburban America. Now we'll have people thinking the serfs had to figure out how to pick up Akira at the kite-flying party at the same time Hiroki is finishing flute lessons at the Daimyo's home?

Why, oh why, can't we have a Lone Wolf and Cub series that at least approaches some beliefs of a historical period with a compelling story?
posted by infowar at 10:47 AM on June 3, 2003

I bet my left nut that this will be terrible and last less than a season.
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1. There is no show, only a "first look option" should he develop something.

2. It won't necessarily have anything to do with The Sims per se.

3. The "feudal Japan" thing is a series of five-minute shorts he's already made, not the deal for FOX.
posted by briank at 11:50 AM on June 3, 2003

Sounds like Fox News to me. The puppet part.
posted by Slagman at 4:56 PM on June 3, 2003

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