Don't hide your pride
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Gay Pride events are taking place worldwide this month, and PlanetOut has got a number of interesting features to mark them: most fascinating to me are a series of coming out stories from other, mostly third world, countries. The first a tale of someone growing up gay in Bosnia, and today from someone in the Phillipines, with more to follow each day this week. There's also an article commemorating the 25th anniversary of the rainbow flag (which is getting back in the pink). Good, if not terribly in-depth, stuff. Be careful when following the links, you might run into some gay/lesbian/non-vanilla NSFW stuff.
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You know what just pisses me off about gay pride web sites? Everything. :-)

Take a look at Chicago's pride site. Hot guys everywhere, because we know that is exactly what ALL gay men look like. Oh, and if you dig deeper, someone will suggest if you are out of town, to make it clear to increase yoru chances of a trick.

Because after all, the only reason you go to pride in another city is to get gobs of anonymous sex.

Pride events should be at least a little dignified, and reflect the entire community, not just the one's wearing Abercrombie & Fitch.
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Which is why I tried to avoid those references with this post ... couldn't do anything about the ads though :-)
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Go gays and lesbians!
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Go where?
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Walt Disney World! DUH!
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Boston's page is pretty classy, if you ask me.
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[self-link] Photos of Gay Pride Events in São Paulo and San Francisco (NSFW? you decide).
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It doesn't matter whether or not it's NSFW or not -- my company has decided that a fair amount of GLBT-themed websites are "inappropriate" for the workplace, as I discovered when I visited and was written up.

Thanks, guys. I really feel like a productive member of the company now.

(That being said, hopefully Nottingham Pride will be interesting...I've lived here three years and this is the first time I've heard of it.)
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Stockholm Pride is usually pretty boring. Stockholm Shame gets my vote and money!
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