Art or Crap?
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Art or Crap? A quiz.
posted by dydecker (25 comments total)
Shoot, I was so sure #2 was Duchamp's "Fountain"...
posted by bobo123 at 8:28 PM on June 3, 2003

very funny.
posted by _sirmissalot_ at 8:29 PM on June 3, 2003

11/16. Damn, I was sure that urinal was by some Dadaist. And I still think Michael Jackson cum monkey is the ugliest piece of sculpture I've seen outside of the Virgin of Essen.
posted by Slithy_Tove at 8:30 PM on June 3, 2003

I was sure that urinal was by some Dadaist.

Maybe you're thinking about that photograph by Edward Weston called, I think, Excusado...
posted by at 8:41 PM on June 3, 2003

Might as well get this out of the way...

Metafilter: Art or Crap?
posted by Dirjy at 8:42 PM on June 3, 2003

Off-topic: I am completely perplexed and befuddled by the existence of an object called a "yo-yo stand." It had not occurred to me that my yo-yos required some kind of stand to store them in while not in use.
posted by Johnny Assay at 8:48 PM on June 3, 2003

crap--but in a good way.
posted by timothompson at 8:50 PM on June 3, 2003

The urinal: Duchamp. Dada. A trick. I got it wrong, too.

That Pompei thing... jeez, that could have been "art."

A faux quiz, if you ask me.
posted by kozad at 8:51 PM on June 3, 2003

Good call, bobo123 - it was a trick question. Here's another image of The Fountain in color. And on a similar theme, there's this urinal or art question in Wisconsin.
posted by madamjujujive at 8:55 PM on June 3, 2003

i like their sex or something else quiz better.
posted by t r a c y at 8:57 PM on June 3, 2003

Johnny: I second that.
posted by ArsncHeart at 10:03 PM on June 3, 2003

just because it's art doesn't mean it's not crap.
posted by blue_beetle at 10:28 PM on June 3, 2003

I stopped after #1. No one is gonna convince me "Wrapped Coast" by Christo isn't crap.
posted by RavinDave at 11:43 PM on June 3, 2003

Just because it's crap doesn't mean it's not art.

kozad, I agree, the quiz is flaky. Why, exactly, is the 'just a Marie Osmond and child Christmas ornament' not art, and the Koons Michael Jackson and monkey is?

The quiz header says, "For the purposes of this quiz, "art" is something that has been exhibited as such by an artist." This is definition by marketing niche, which I ain't buying. Like the definition of science fiction as being what you find in the bookstore rack marked 'Science Fiction'.
posted by Slithy_Tove at 11:46 PM on June 3, 2003

I remembered that Duchamp's fountain was prominently signed 'R. Mutt', so I got that one right but still got seven others wrong.

Another example of art and crap here.
posted by misteraitch at 11:59 PM on June 3, 2003

"12 out of 16 - you are an art critic" - gotta love that quiz.
posted by FidelDonson at 12:30 AM on June 4, 2003

What Slithy_Tove said.

A thought: The standard 20th-century avant garde definition of "Art or Not?" involves the artist's intentions more than anything, so (in theory) if Foobaz Bicycle Wheel Co makes a bike wheel, it isn't art, but if Duchamp calls it a readymade it is. As Admiral Ackbar would say, "It's a trap!" If the only way to tell whether something is art or not, let alone what that art might mean, involves the artist's intentions, and those intentions are only communicated through the medium of things that might only be seen as art if you're already aware of those intentions--well, you see where this is going. Circular reasoning and all that. So, you might say that the audience itself has just as valid a right to determine if something is art or not. So if I say the six ones I got "wrong" on this quiz were actually art rather than not art, they bloody well are.


(As a logical side-effect, this theory of aesthetics as subjective phenomena--the Schroedinger's Cat theory of aesthetics, in which a given object exists in a state of Artness, Not-artness and Neither-of-the-aboveness simultaneously until I, the Observer, declare it one way or the other--this theory explains why I can love the Ramones for the exact same reason that I hate AC/DC.)
posted by arto at 1:57 AM on June 4, 2003

uhoh, I got a perfect score. sad.
posted by dabitch at 2:53 AM on June 4, 2003

I got a real crummy score, so I decided to redeem myself with a 16/16 in the Swiss, Swedish Danish or Dutch? quiz. A score which would perhaps have been remotely impressive were I not from Denmark myself. Sigh.
posted by Hjorth at 4:47 AM on June 4, 2003

10/16. What blue_beetle said and what Slithey_Tove said.
posted by Songdog at 5:44 AM on June 4, 2003

Michael Jackson cum monkey?

[This comment is art]
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 6:14 AM on June 4, 2003

I think a better title would have been "Art or Not Art." That Jacko and Bubbles piece was clearly art AND crap.
posted by mikrophon at 6:34 AM on June 4, 2003

Quiz? Or crap?

posted by eustacescrubb at 6:35 AM on June 4, 2003

Since when is art not crap? Or crap not art? How dualist.
posted by basilwhite at 11:06 AM on June 4, 2003

Who just arted?
posted by newlydead at 4:41 PM on June 4, 2003

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