Listen, it's the sound of a child's innocence being molested.
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Grinding Nemo. The JWC company, maker of sewage equipment, wishes to issue a press release informing small children everywhere that contrary to scenes in the hit Disney movie, flushing fish down a toilet drain will not set them free in the ocean, but rather melt them with chlorine disinfectant before shredding them into particles with processing machinery. Have a great weekend.
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Muffin Monster?

posted by Jughead at 9:31 AM on June 6, 2003

And they lived happily ever after!
posted by Robot Johnny at 9:34 AM on June 6, 2003

Is this like telling every kid there's no Santa; Don't sue the man in the mall with a red suit & beard when your present isn't found under the tree, please...Or, did some kid send his parents expensive fish free...wee all the way home.
posted by thomcatspike at 9:34 AM on June 6, 2003

best movie porn parody title yet.
posted by LouieLoco at 9:37 AM on June 6, 2003

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I watched the movie, and it doesn't depict that. The pipe that Nemo goes through is clearly shown as going to a bad, fish unfriendly place, but it was defective and Nemo got out of a small hole in the pipe in a portion of Sydney Harbor. FYI.
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Oh, and while this is a spoiler, Nemo does not go down the toilet.
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best movie porn parody title yet.

Thank Cory.
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Oh, and men, the Little Mermaid stuffed her seashell bra with rotten squid.
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In other news, the San Diego Zoo cautioned maidens against kissing frogs, particularly brightly-colored ones found in rain forests and commonly called "poison-arrow frogs". "Very few, if any, princes are uncovered in this fashion, although you can get a nasty burn on your lips. Trust me, it smarts." said spokeswoman Anita Mann.
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Brilliant PR.
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shredding them into particles

So I guess this pretty much puts the kibosh on that persistent rumor of baby alligators getting flushed and winding up in the sewers too. Mmm, shredded alligator particles!....[drool]
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Brilliant PR. Nemo does not go down the toilet.

Yet, now I will connect Finding Nemo, to the sounds of flushing toilets: swissshhh...grlggrll..grrrlll.
Now I have to go see it...wait, who posted this warning?
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yeah, as i recall, nemo goes down the little spit-sink in the dentist's office.

maybe they should also issue a press release about real fish not speaking english and stuff.
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Actually, the wastewater treatment process described here reverses the order of operations generally encountered in the industry. The comminuter is usually at the beginning of the process (after a screen to remove shoes, shopping carts, etc). It's basically a heavy duty blender to chop up all the big solids.

The chlorine is usually added at the very end of the process, to kill all pathogens that might not have been treated by all the intermediate steps.

The city of Vassar WWTP has this site that explains the process, but it uses UV disinfection at the end rather than chlorine, probaby so that the effluent doesn't end up chlorinating the body of water to which it is sent.

Sometimes I really wish I had taken a job in Water/Wastewater Treatment rather than this silly computer software sheit...

(On clicking the link it seems the article does get it right. Shame on you, XQUZYPHYR, for poorly transcribing this important process.

*goes back to lurking*
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JWC doesn't seem to have the press release online at this point...
posted by nickmark at 11:19 AM on June 6, 2003

>Sometimes I really wish I had taken a job in
>Water/Wastewater Treatment rather than this silly >computer software sheit...

Sigh, why not do both?

Huffs on fist, polishes chest - 10 month stint for the GRVD supporting, enhancing and upgrading a client-server, WAN application titled "WIMS" - Wastewater Information Management System...

That was all fine and dandy, but man when the local onsite database instances went down - the last thing you want to do is hang-out at a waste water treatment plant at 2:00am - I swear I permanently damaged some of my smell capability.
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> Sometimes I really wish I had taken a job in
> Water/Wastewater Treatment

joecacti, if my dad were on MeFi (*snort*), he'd be shedding a tear of joy right now. this is where he works, and this is where he teaches wastewater operations...sigh, the family biz, New Jersey waste management. :)
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who flushes a shopping cart down their toilet?
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 12:52 PM on June 6, 2003

this is devastating news for hippies who have heard the police at their door and desperately flushed their stash to release it back to the ocean as well.
posted by Peter H at 12:53 PM on June 6, 2003

Wasn't Nemo a crazy submarine captain? Am I missing something here?
posted by GrahamVM at 7:52 AM on June 7, 2003

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