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Rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated. Well, not greatly, exactly...

My hometown paper blows it out their collective nether aperture. (News media keep obits of the famous ready to use; here's one that detonated prematurely.) From the Smoking Gun via Drudge. And I cringe, yet again, that I live in this lousy town with its crummy newspaper.)
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I'd kinda like to see my own obit, almost like attending your own funeral (not that you wouldn't be at your own funeral but you know what I mean)
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zeoslap died today. zeo left behind 37 links and 248 comments. Remembered by some as a MetaFilter member . . .

How's that?
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Aw, come on now alumshubby. Columbia ain't that bad. Five Points was all right. At least it was back in 1994. I lived there for four years. Having grown up in Greenville, SC, Columbia was fondly known as the armpit of the state. It had this name for many reasons, one being it's always 5 degrees hotter there than anywhere else in the state on any given day (or so it always seemed).
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josephtate, if you grew up in the city where Bob Jones University is located, I guess Columbia would seem like somewhat of an improvement.
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Would you really consider Strom Thurmond "South Carolina's Greatest Politician", though? I mean, that's pretty frickin' sad, innit? (Although I hear that Trent Lott fella quite likes 'im.) I can think of (after seven seconds' googling) like two claims to fame he has: One, running for president--and losing--on a "two lynchings in every garage, and a segregation in every pot" platform, and two, being really, really, reeeeeally frickin' old. Capital "O", capital "L", capital "D" old. Surely an entire state o' the union has somebody better than that to call their own? Like maybe Andrew "Twenty Bucks" Jackson?

(as far as the premature obit thing goes, I was under the impression that was standard practice for aging celebrities/politicians. Suppose I wrote an obit for Bob Hope today, and he died five years hence--99% of the obit would still be accurate, it's not like "The Road to Casablanca" or "Bob Hope's USO Spectacular Grenada '82" is gonna stop existing in a couple years or anything.)
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Or US Sen. John C. Calhoun, even? Nullification didn't work out as he hoped, and he's largely forgotten today -- but in his day he was one of the major figures on America's political landscape.
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as far as the premature obit thing goes, I was under the impression that was standard practice for aging celebrities/politicians.

The key point they forgot is that when you write an obit for a living person, YOU DON'T UPLOAD IT TO A LIVE SERVER!
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I thought he was dead. Like with Bob Hope recently, I was surprised to hear he was still alive. I'm pretty sure Reagan's still around, right?
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One of the more festive gatherings I've held was a wake for Jesse Helms, at which attendees took the opportunity to mourn his life. Instead of complaining, why not just run with the Thurmond obituary, and proceed as if he is dead? It would make most folks a lot happier, I think.
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just another example of luddite dorkuses carelessly leaving things laying around a publicly accessible web server which dutifully serves them up. goddam internet. goddam google. "there oughtta be a law..." said Sen Strom Thurmond. and then, there was...
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Of course, they could regain journalistic credibility by doing the old buzzard in. It would make the obit more accurate insofar as he'd actually be dead.
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It's not as if they couldn't find some takers if they offered to outsource the job, either. He's not universally beloved in his own state, given his history.
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When the bastard does finally buy the farm, I hope they don't sugar-coat the fact that he was a racist.
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I wonder if it was the Supreme court decision today that
did him in?
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