Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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The Hellenic Ministry of Culture The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and its many guides and maps for hundreds of Greek archaeological sites, monuments and museums. Here's one of Herakleion, in Crete.
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Pretty cool. Nice link.
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Server side image map. Haven't seen that in a long time.
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Great links, plep. I'm glad you picked the Herakleion one to feature, because I visited both the city and nearby Knossos, and seeing the pictures (especially the Herakleion Archeological Museum) brought it all back. Incidentally, if anyone reading this visits Crete, I highly recommend a visit to Khaniá, a quiet little town on the northwest coast with nothing much to see but the usual Venetian walls, meaning you can just kick back, watch the boats in the port, and drink retsina till you're ready to face more important sites elsewhere.
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The usual classy linkage from the plepster. Can I take the liberty of inserting a "speaking of" plug for the classical archaeology and literature resources at Project Perseus, if I haven't already (but you probably already know it)? The site features over 50,000 images of sites and artifacts from Greek and Roman antiquity.
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Great link plep. Many thanks.
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Project Perseus has already been discussed, but of course it's well worth another plug. A nice quote from moss in that thread:
The Perseus Project is a beautiful, beautiful thing. If you know just a little bit of Greek, Perseus makes it possible to do a pretty decent reality check on a translation, without having to spend hours crawling through a lexicon. If it's a short passage, and you know the language reasonably well, you can even translate it yourself
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Despite being from Iraklion (bitter rivalry between the two towns) I second languagehat's recommendation for Khania as the most relaxed and pleasant city in the Mediterranean. Only forget about the retsina. When in Crete drink raki (also called tsikoudia).
The ministry of culture also hosts Culture Guide: a useful schedule of current cultural events, if you plan to visit Greece anytime soon.
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