Dems blast Playboy as contradictory to equal and civil rights and human dignity, but still take big campaign donations and have fundraisers at the infamous mansion.
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Dems blast Playboy as contradictory to equal and civil rights and human dignity, but still take big campaign donations and have fundraisers at the infamous mansion. Seems like the Democratic party wants to have it both ways. They have taken more than $25,000 in congressional campaign funds and $8,500 for Al Gore's campaign, and a dem leader handpicked by Gore himself is throwing the August 15 bash at the Hef's house, but Playboy is now supposedly officially baaaad, mmmkay? If they're so bad, shouldn't these denunciations have come with checks, made out to Playboy, returning the campaign donations????
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What this is really about is just that Al Gore is the kind of person that has no problem with going to Group A and demonizing Group B in order to get votes and campaign contributions, and then going to Group B and demonizing Group A in order to get votes and campaign contributions. He doesn't care about anything but power, and his "beliefs" are subject to being changed at any time he considers it politically useful to do so (cf his flip-flops on abortion, tobacco, etc.).
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And Bush isn't any better. Long live America! Long live democracy!
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What's odd is that Playboy is certainly the most benign of the pornographic publications. Why do they take the brunt of such attacks?

I mean, is Juggs OK?
Sure hope so . . .
posted by aladfar at 9:34 PM on July 26, 2000

I only read them for the articles...
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Gah, long live democracy, if the U.S. were a democracy. We are a republic, not a democracy. This should be basic high school civics class stuff.

Don't they teach these things anymore?
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Well, the federal system of making laws is pretty much a republic. The process of electing a president, though, despite the flaws of the electoral college system, is pretty close to democratic. Senators and Representatives are democratically elected (although for the Senate, that's changed from the original plan of the Constitution). Hence: Democratic Republic.
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This is absurd as Playboy is one of the few magazines out there with any political 'balls' and covers lots of First and Fourth Ammendment stuff in every issue. I have no interest in the naked ladies as they fit the American cultural standard (you know, blond, blue-eyed, big breasted, etc.) which bores me to tears. I like my women to look like real women, thank you very much. I do read Playboy for the articles, believe it or not.BTW, the U.S.A. is neither a 'democracy' or a 'republic'; it's run by whoever contributes the most campaign funds. If you think we live in a democratic society, you are seriously delusional!
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I suggest nothing will change in this country till we vote the 2 party system out of existance. Im sick of hearing the same old crap over and over and over while our personal liberties are slowly eroding away. If everyone would just vote for Harry Brown the libertarian this country would get so much better starting the first day after he's elected.
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