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polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy. "polylog seeks... an intercultural dialogue among philosophers as well as other interested scholars and members of society – in a philosophical polylogue. The project pursues this aim by providing a virtual platform for the world-wide discussion of topics in intercultural philosophy. Intercultural philosophy is not thereby intended as a new theory, discipline, or school to be established. Rather, the diversity of intentions and approaches should be met with the greatest possible openness as well as academic seriousness – as much as possible in the appropriate form and manner." There are a lot of great articles on this site. [Via wood s lot, which linked to Toward a Buddhist Vision of Social Justice, a comparison of Buddhism and the philosophy of John Rawls.]
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i don't read comments often and i post far less (especially because the discussions end up being on way off tangents from the get go, ending up some battle of the brains/opinions/database)--
--i'd just like to thank you for often posting links i check out and stand on their own without need for comment.
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for=of (or "of additional", if one prefers)
me=waaaay sleep deprived
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This looks like a sweet find, homunculus. I plan to look over it closely as soon as I find some time to do things like look closely at internet sites again.

*kaibutsu watches as his job eat every waking second of his time. But doesn't really mind.*
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