Guess he's not taking his plane home for Spring Break then.
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Last week a Honolulu circuit court judge ordered an injunction against Mainline Airlines LLC, after discovering that the low-fare-to-Hawaii airline was not registered with the FAA. On further investigation, a college student has been accused of claiming ownership of Mainline, despite it having no planes, crew, FAA registration, or for that matter anything other that a web site. At least Frank Abagnale used a real airline to commit fraud...
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Other than a website. Glargh.
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Seems to call for a reminder that there's:

a) a sucker born every minute
b) no such thing as a free lunch

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I look forward to a sci-fi future where, via the magic of genetic engineering, a free lunch will be born every minute.
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Do you really think he intended to disappear with the money? It sounds to me like this guy's more of an idiot than a scam artist. He really thought he could resell space on chartered planes to Hawaii by collectng the money in advance and *then* arranging for the flights, all the while giving his company the appearance of a real carrier. That's very deceptive, but I bet it's not *that* much more deceptive than other companies in the online travel industry that no one bothers to scrutinize. Difference is, this guy's a one-man operation, and he was caught.
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I saw this on the local news this morning. I would have to say, given that said college student gave a phone interview, that he has pretty much stepped up to the plate and is not denying anything. Rather, he said that he/they are not an airline, but were planning on buying cheap airfaire and reselling it, like a tour agency would. He is in the process of refunding monies to the tune of $80,000 due to being unable to meet his ticket delivery date.
More to come no doubt. News/details that is.
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