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The Armarium. Online Historical Fencing Manuals & Texts at the Association for the Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA).
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The 1598 George Silver book, "Paradoxes of Defence", was on the regular shelves in my uni's library, and I used it in writing a history paper around 1988. The whole book was a long slander against Italians and their fancy-pants duelling style with light rapiers instead of heavy sword slashing:

One valiant man with a sword in his hand, will do better service, than ten Italians, or Italianated with their rapiers.

Unrelated boast: I was an NCAA Western Regional All-Star in epee in 1990. Unfortunately, this was no help in getting girls.
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What about Florentine style, with two rapiers? Can a rapier parry, say, a claymore?
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