Media Bias?
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Whether you like your news right or your news left, there are watchers watching those who report. Anyone have more examples of those who keep an eye on journalists? Does it change anyone's thinking when they discover that the story they read was, for example, written by Jayson Blair, or has the damage already been done?
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I really enjoyed the now-closed magazine "Brill's Content." Our Founding MeFi Father even appeared on the cover.

Fox News Watch is another interesting source of "watching the watchers." And for more politically-oriented news-watching, I turn occasionally to the Media Research Center.
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My problem with a lot of these "watchers", for example ABCWatch above, is that they revel in being biased themselves. What does having an extreme-right wing individual waxing lyrical about a midly-left wing media outlet actually achieve? Not much, apart from inspiring a warm glow in other mildly-left-wing-media haters.

It's hopeless trying to identify bias on a left-wing/right-wing basis. Just accept that bias exists, coz it ain't going nowhere. The focus should be on identifying truth and lies, which is a completely different kettle of fish. And, quite frankly, I doubt many bloggers have the resources to do this - it's rarely useful trying to identify lies at one media outlet by quoting the product of another media outlet. You've got to get down there and investigate the issue yourself.
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Spinsanity is good. They keep their bias out of it better than most.
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It's tough to find a source that is unbiased. Although any report that agrees with my views is objective, by definition (*grin*).

Who will watch the reporters?
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