Mary, Queen of Scots
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Mary, Queen of Scots (warning: music) is one of British royalty's most adored and most reviled figures, putting her in the select company of arch-rival Elizabeth I (sigh: music again) and Charles I. (The latter is an Anglican saint, although not everybody is quite so enthused.) Wince at the description of her execution, read some poems about her--or, indeed, some of her own poems--or visit her grave in Westminster Abbey.
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For those of you who consider this post a little too highbrow:
Stay tuned for Part Two of "The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots" (and don't forget the exploding penguin on the telly)
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Thanks for this thoughtful collection of links, thomas j wise -I have only just skimmed the surface so far, but am bookmarking them for later perusal.

I liked the collection of her embroideries. Also enjoyed the portraits on the her own words page, as well as the wonderful portraits of Elizabeth.
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I live quite close to Fotheringhay - it has an unpleasant atmosphere and the coldest church I've ever been in. When I visited it was midsummer and there was a flower festival in the church, but in spite of the bright colours and the heat outside it felt like the Arctic inside the church.
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