June 15, 2003 1:30 AM   Subscribe is an exhaustive history of the expressways, parkways, and river crossings that shaped metro New York over the last century and a half.
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For those of you with Caro's The Power Broker on your summer reading lists, this is an indispensible companion: a revealing modern-day look at the legacy of Robert Moses and the new challenges and priorities that face public works planners in the 21st century.
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Good stuff - thanks.
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Just one of many in the world of roadgeeks, congregating mainly in the newsgroup misc.transport.road. Many states and metro areas have been extensively documented, though few to the extent of NYCRoads.

Warning: Whatever you do, do not engage a roadgeek in a discussion of the finer points of Interstate highway numbering (e.g. Why isn't there an I-1? Is I-24 a north-south or east-west Interstate? Which cities have the most "3di" (3-digit Interstate) segments, and is this commensurate with their population or economic importance? What is "multiplexing" and what are the rules? What are "ends" and "control cities", and are they properly used on the Interstate signage in your area?). The results can make a MeTa thread look ... pretty.
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Very interesting and seemingly useful! Thanks.
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