German bombs killed the ghosts of Rotterdam. Or did they?
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One fine morning in December 2001, Petr and his son took their bicycles and embarked on a photo tour of psychic Rotterdam. The tally? Six tree spirits, two invisible entities, one grinning skull, one 'evil square', one sinister game of basketball, and a UFO.
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My Cheerios had eighty spirits in it. I feel uneasy today. It's the Cheerios! Help me!!
posted by effer27 at 2:43 AM on June 15, 2003

Entertaining post Sonny Jim and very appropriate for Father’s Day in North America. A fine page to browse with morning hot chocolate on a sunny Sunday morning. It is good to be reminded that there are mysterious places right in our own backyard. We shouldn't ignore the anima in every location.

There might be a lot more to see when we pay attention. Now I have a few thousand photos to search through under high magnification...
posted by Geo at 4:54 AM on June 15, 2003

I have a spirit, or entity, in a diet Pepsi bottle. Or perhaps I should say, it has me...

When I opened the bottle for a cool refreshing drink of Diet Pepsi, out came this tinny chorus of "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." followed by an indescribably malign, sarcastic laughter.

Terrified, I hurled the thing into the woods behind my house.

The next morning, there it was on the kitchen counter. When my dog saw it, he started to whine and then began barking at the evil thing.

So I tried to return it for the 5 cent deposit, but next morning once again, there it was, on the counter, along with that awful music and that terrible laughter...
posted by troutfishing at 7:38 AM on June 15, 2003

The hard-wiring of the human brain to recognize faces strikes again!

When I meet people this credible and gullible, I despair our future.
posted by Cerebus at 9:32 AM on June 15, 2003

I despair our future

Come on. I think you could be a bit more dramatic, if you really, really tried.
posted by Andrea at 10:01 AM on June 15, 2003

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I see dead ascii.
posted by kfury at 10:55 AM on June 15, 2003

That's just darling. What a cute page.
posted by Mars Saxman at 12:11 PM on June 15, 2003

A good FPP with a response from Geo that would have been a killer FPP in itself.
More FPPs from Geo!
posted by thatwhichfalls at 10:07 PM on June 15, 2003

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