clever flash experiments
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posted by MiguelCardoso at 12:22 AM on June 17, 2003

insomnia pays.
posted by azul at 1:01 AM on June 17, 2003


The Typengine [experiment 16] looks like it might have legs in the advertising world. I'm keeping the source code in case I need a clever way to toss intro credits for my Aaron Sorkin produced sitcom - due to hit in early 2014 (just long enough for us to forget that the style presented is/was cliche).
posted by phylum sinter at 4:04 AM on June 17, 2003

Some of these are really cool in a very simple, straightforward way. Some are kind of "eh," again in a simple, straightforward way. But there are enough of the former to say [this is good]. I especially like the plucking string.

Miguel, is this new trend of yours a way to reduce your on-site word-count? Very clever, as usual.
posted by soyjoy at 7:49 AM on June 17, 2003

'fuzzy math'
posted by 11235813 at 9:07 AM on June 17, 2003

miguel. please email me when you visit this wonderful site:
posted by specialk420 at 12:12 PM on June 17, 2003

Holy crap, that's an oldie that brings back some memories. The mutations collab there was mostly done by users... back in the day.
posted by mkn at 4:48 PM on June 17, 2003

Yawn... Scripters sure are cute.
posted by Blubble at 8:25 PM on June 17, 2003

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