Avocado Memories
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Avocado Memories. It's more than a photo collection and group of essays about his parents' failures with interior decoration; it's a nostalgic website brought about by Wes Clark's impulse to let his children know what it was like growing up during a more innocent age.
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Wes Clark?
posted by homunculus at 10:24 AM on June 17, 2003

great link debralee...i feel like busting out my plaid jumpers and striped turtlenecks o' the seventies...
posted by serafinapekkala at 11:07 AM on June 17, 2003

That site needs a little more love for Harvest Gold to truly be complete. {twitches}
posted by Sangre Azul at 11:12 AM on June 17, 2003

Daddy a wonderful guy but never got around to teaching sonny that object of prepostion calls for objective case:
"between my father and I"--between my father and me.

ah, who gives a hoot, right? only academic slugs like Postroad do.
posted by Postroad at 11:19 AM on June 17, 2003

Was it really a more innocent age or was it that we were innocent children?
posted by Pollomacho at 2:44 PM on June 17, 2003

I don't think it was a more innocent age or that we were more innocent. it was just that we were expected to get hurt from time to time and to get dirty and to be able to create things from whatever was around. Far from the common cry that "kids of today have it so easy, why back in my day ...", I feel sorry for kids of today (my own included) who will never feel the thrill of a weekend stretching out before them endlessly, with nothing but their own version of fun to be created.
posted by dg at 4:17 PM on June 17, 2003

Has anyone actually been able to get that site to load?
posted by kindall at 4:33 PM on June 17, 2003

Hee. I have a desk which was antiqued in an avocado color (like here). My mother did it, back in the 70's, and apart from the color, it's a great desk.
posted by eilatan at 7:45 PM on June 17, 2003

Some of these pictures seem a lot like Jandek album covers...
posted by atholbrose at 12:12 AM on June 20, 2003

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