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A change-of-pace from Bush-Bashing: The Center for Public Integrity (considered a reliable source by some 'round here), tells us "Where Are They Now? The New Jobs of the Top 100 Clinton Administration Officials". Good to refer to if a Demo actually beats Bush in '04 and wants to recycle some talent... From a radio interview with Center founder Charles Lewis who commented that the report 'got lost' during the Iraq War. No kidding.
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Another handy list from the article: the Bush 100, an examination of the finances and professional affiliations of Bush appointees in their prior lives.

Thanks wendell!
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the report 'got lost' during the Iraq War

Along with the economy, the environment, sane budgetary planning, and a tinker's damn for what the rest of the world thinks.

Having vented that, I don't think most people would suggest that Democrats are by any means pure in this respect. The revolving door between government and business is a problem regardless of party.

So, wendell, is your point that "See, Democrats are as bad as Republicans"? ;)
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No, not as bad (not even in this specific area, compare and contrast the Clinton 100 and Bush 100), but not good enough.
I recall the first thing I ever heard about Bill Clinton was a quote about how he and his newly-formed DLC organization was going to make the Democratic Party more "business-friendly", and I thought "there's a real crook. He'll go far."
We might get a better view of the current Demo field of candidates if we check the lobbyist list against lists of "big name party supporters". And, as I pointed out on the FrontPage, if a Demo does get elected, it's a "watch out" list for future high-level nominees.
And it gives you something to point to if a Righty calls the Center for Public Integrity "just an Anti-Republican club".
posted by wendell at 3:30 PM on June 18, 2003

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