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Are you Happy?? I'm so Happy!! LOVE&PEACE Happy Together...! Tune in for 10 hours of high-res streaming Happy Store to get your fix with hosts Tomoe Shinohara and Eriko Sato. Just one program you can catch live on So-Net Visual Paradise TV.
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Ultra Relax... stuck in head... forever...
posted by tyro urge at 12:53 PM on June 18, 2003

When posting about Suitei Shoujo, I said to myself, "I could watch Japanese girls sit and talk for hours." And now I can (and have)!

The 6/11 Tomoe episode, and 6/13 Eriko episode are the two best, IMHO. Tomoe Shinohara looks like a sweetly retarded Japanese girl possessed by the dueling spirits of Jerry Lewis and Rain Man. Eriko Sato is just amazingly good-looking, but she also makes bizarre sign-language type gestures; like an animated character; and during the 6/13 episode she will not stop playing with these Spanish clapping instruments -- she never gets tired of them!

tyro urge: That song is crying out for annoying Flash animation. ^_^
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It won't keep So-net from being eaten alive by Yahoo! BB, though.
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Best link I've seen all day.
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?????=pinup idol; pretty vapid stuff here, no offense.
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Eriko Sato=pinup idol, is what I meant to say.
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Hmm, my swipe at So-net didn't get a rise out of gen, drag. ; . )

Anyolways, now that I can get through to the linked site, here's my reaction: good god but Eriko Sato is bland. "Just amazingly good-looking"? You've got to be kidding me. She looks duller than a fencepost.
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I love Tomoe Shinohara. Go get her albums.. Good to know i'm not alone.
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On Eriko Sato: Generally speaking, swimwear models do look pretty bland. I think she has a good combination of the swimwear and runway looks, though. There's also something vaguely Uma Thurman about her. Basically, she reminds me a lot of a girl I dated in high school (so she's just my type), but she also has great facial expressions and gestures. Watching that girl talk on and on about nonsense from across the dinner table would make for a great date.

Got myself in trouble one time by telling a girl that she looked like "an alien, or a cartoon character." Was meant as a compliment, but it didn't go over well.

Tomoe Shinohara is also really good-looking, but not so good in conversation. She sticks her teeth out when she laughs, and moves like a little kid. Something I didn't mention before is that she's sort of like a Japanese Bjork. You see this girl's concert footage and just wonder why exactly she's acting like such a loony (in a good way). It's like, "Is she putting us on? What world does she live in where singers are that cute?"
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