The $170 mullet
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Clare, Goddess of wigs. Here you can find the answer to all your false-hair needs. She's got everything from the conservative to the absolutely fabulous, and quite a few things in between. Those long years of dealing methamphetamines driven you to baldness? Fear not! Needless to say, she has DISCREET shipping, an eminently sensible decision, as many of her customers might desire to keep their gender bending hobby to themselves and close friends. Lastly, don't forget the wig revitalizing mist and maybe a gift certificate for a friend: "give the gift of fabulous hair!"
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[this is good ;) ]
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I LOVE THE WIG GODDESS! I found her site a while back and was especially impressed by her involvement with TGNorth, where "The girl in you can finally come out and play!" Trust me: you can spend HOURS going between and HOURS!
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Simultaneous thanks and hate-yous, ariel. ;) I was talking about these with a friend and I felt bad for ragging on the TGness because as a cocksucker who am I to so rag? But a friend pointed out that the photos are objectively frightening so it's all ok. Especially since she (or your pronoun of choice) crudely airbrushes the photos, and I can also rag on that for all the standard anti-misogynism reasons. ;)
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The perfect way to finish out your cosplay or halloween costume. Wonderful.
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My mom rocked a fabu blonde pageboy wig when she was sick. I think that sometimes she actually misses it, even though her hair came back WAY less gray and much curlier and fuller after her chemo was finished. Wigs are funny until you really think you need one, but you'd better have a sense of humor about yourself to pull it off outside of ilsa's halloween costumes. One day you show up to work with oddly tufty dark short hair, and the next - Sharon Stone!
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Love it! Thanks for the linkies. I have wanted a wig forever, just because it would be fun. Too bad they are so darn expensive though. Maybe someday someone will get me a gift certificate! :D
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Any relation to Simon, the god of hairdos?
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There was a shop in Rome that I would often pass which gloried in the name Sexy Wig. It looks like the same people are behind
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