July 29, 2000
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There's no reason they shouldn't be able to do this, but I still want to hurt them. (Via memepool).
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This sucks. If they really do that, we should spambomb 'em to hell. These guys would sell their grannies.
posted by FAB at 3:23 AM on July 29, 2000

DSL.net, their host, has an AUP which includes the following language:

"You are expected to use the Internet with respect, courtesy, and responsibility, giving due regard to the rights of other Internet users. Please respect the etiquette, customs and conventions of the forums and sites in which you participate."

It also takes a rather hard line on spam, among many other things. Hell, I wouldn't sign an agreement like that, and I'm not even distributing spamware. Mail bombing may not be necessary. Lete's see if we can just get them yanked, shall we?
posted by Freakho at 3:34 AM on July 29, 2000

Gnotella, which is a new-ish version of this program (apparantly for Win32 only), allows blocking of certain strings. Included in the default config is *flatplanet*.

Upgrade to Gnotella .70 and you should be able to avoid their spam, at least for now. You can get it at http://gnotella.nerdherd.net.
posted by overnow at 5:29 AM on July 29, 2000

god, anything good in this society just has to be ruined by advertising. fuckers.

Of course, Bill Hicks said it better than I ever could...
posted by mathowie at 11:41 AM on July 29, 2000

We could just sic these guys on them. Fatplanet would be crying uncle faster than they can code. However, Sputum spends most of its time trying to keep alt.binaries.slack free of spam. I wouldn't be surprised though if there's a few SubGeniuses already among the ranks of those ready to take Fatplanet down hard.
posted by ZachsMind at 8:05 PM on July 29, 2000

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