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Welcome to Orion!
Since 1982, Orion has worked to reconnect human culture with the natural world, blending scientific thinking with the arts, engaging the heart and mind, and striving to make clear what we all have in common.
There are rants from the Curmudgeon for those who enjoy the active venting of anger and Discourse and Dissent for those who prefer a more civil discussion of today's issues.
There's even a "quote of the week" that is impressively done. The magazine is also available by subscription and they accept no advertising. I'm thinking this will make a nice additon to my Harper's subscription! I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I have.
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YaY! Reconnecting human culture with the natural world-That's what I'm down with! Thanks nofundy!
posted by black8 at 8:02 AM on June 20, 2003

Shoot, I thought this was gonna be a post about this here Orion, dagnabbit!
posted by MrBaliHai at 8:03 AM on June 20, 2003

This is a good site. Thanks nofundy!
posted by plep at 10:00 AM on June 20, 2003

And then there's Resurgence magazine!
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Some of our favorite misanthropes rant on the state of the union.

Rant du Jour: Do Food Additives Cause Republicans? by Dante Langston. If you can't effect change through the electoral process, try adding a little P & G yellow to the Freedom Fries.
(emphasis mine)

This seems like a cool magazine, and I may try out their free trial, but they need some better editors.
posted by Ufez Jones at 1:13 PM on June 20, 2003

If ads can keep a magazine under $6 an issue for subscribers, I can handle them.
posted by smackfu at 3:25 PM on June 20, 2003

Actually, Ufez, that is a correct use of the word "effect" (meaning "to cause or bring about"). Both "affect" and "effect" can be either a noun or a verb.
posted by hattifattener at 6:50 PM on June 20, 2003

Orion is a great magazine and a great organization — I'm wearing my Orion t-shirt now — but the group's goals have changed recently.

The Orion society used to be more about local place-based awareness. From the Winter 1998 issue ("What is Native?"):

The aims of Orion are: To characterize conceptually and practically our responsibilities to the earth and all forms of life, and to explore the ethic of humane stewardship. To advance the notion that effective stewardship comes from feelings of respect and admiration for the earth; we will protect, foster, and nurture what we have come to revere. To help us deepen our personal connection with the natural world as a source of enrichment and inner renewal.

The aims of The Orion Society are: To heal the fractured relationship between people and nature by undertaking educational programs and publications that integrate all aspects of the relationship: the physically immediate, the analytical and scientific, the inspirational and creative. To support changes in ethics and action at the local level that will offer genuine solutions to the global environmental crisis. To cultivate a generation of citizen leaders whose wisdom is grounded in and guided by nature literacy.

That editorial policy has changed. From the most recent issue ("Packaging Progeny: Parenting in the Age of Genetics"):

Orion explores an emerging alternative world view, informed by a growing ecological awareness and the need for cultural change, it is a forum for thoughtful and creative ideas and practical examples of how we might live justly, wisely, and artfully on Earth.

The old Orion was all about nature literacy and place-based thinking and action. Their words, not mine. This was what they were all about, and every issue was filled with bits related to nature literacy and place-based education.

The new Orion is has lost this unique — and valuable — perspective and is now just another forum for global environmentalism (not that there's anything wrong with that). It feels like a slickly-produced, well-marketed screed instead of a heart-felt, down-to-earth manual on how to live in the world.

I liked the old Orion one thousand times better.

Still, it's hard to argue with a publication that regularly features work from Wendell Berry, David James Duncan, Rachel Carson, Barry Lopez, and others.

They'll continue to get my $60/year
posted by jdroth at 8:42 PM on June 20, 2003

Gah. I can't find it. I could of course subscribe to Rush 24/7, but that would mean giving Rush Limbaugh some more scratch in which to polish his golden microphone. But that curmudgeon article you linked to nofundy, reminded me of a bit on Limbaugh's page the other day, where I kid you not, he was making a case for the "Richness of America's poor" (or something along those lines) as demonstrated by their plumpness. I thought it unbelievable and meant to archive it locally. I forgot. That'll teach me.

Oh, and thanks for the link.
posted by crasspastor at 1:22 PM on June 21, 2003

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