The Poor Man's Meezorp or THis Your Quonsar Not On Drugs?
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BornDigital, anyone? Actually, try the Site Map. And the
links are... interesting enough--for instance, Tiny Pinnochio,
the world's smallest dog. Aww...
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Note to self: proofread title tag next time.
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also fUSION Anomaly, cosmic baseball & and the old t0 netbase :D oh and tony smith's home page which is less (or more!) crazy than you might think :D

He engages in more free association than is normally deemed proper in scientific literature - you may raise your eyebrows at sentences like "the Tarot shows the Lie algebra structure of the D4-D5-E6 model, while the I Ching shows its Clifford algebra structure" - but don't be fooled; his mathematics is solid. When it comes to the physics, I'm not sure I buy his theory of everything, but that's not unusual: I don't think I buy anyone's theory of everything!
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