Fawlty Towers of Video Game Stores?
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The Gord is the Basil Fawlty-like proprietor of a video game store in Canada. He appears to be a real-life Comic Book Guy. More inside ...
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I tried hard to find a link to John Fothergill's Inkeeper's Diary, since he is the Victorian prototype of the proprietor whose customers are not good enough for him. But he's not been transcribed yet.

So abusive - and yet, somehow so justified, yes?
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And for Mig's benefit, this is via the occasionally but not usually safe for work Sensible Erection. I read it for the articles, honest.
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The Gord rules. Take the time to read it all, its worth it.
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I can't decide whether I love the Gord or hate the Gord.

The part of me that remembers I used to work in retail loves the Gord.

The part of me that knows that these stories are at least partially fabricated (nobody gets that many straight lines) hates the Gord.
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(Sensible Erection, frequent, excessive and graphic pron aside, nonetheless often has the kind of cool links that MeFi once was known for. I find some of the coolest stuff I see on the web these days there. Also, equally offtopic, its admin is a Mefi member, but since he doesn't mention it on his profile, I won't link to it.

Also also, I believe The Gord hangs out at the SA forums, or used to at least, fwiw.)
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And I can't imagine the Gord having any physical manifestation other than Comic Book Guy after this one...


"Gamer's Edge"

"Yes, what would you give me for a copy of Madden 2001 for the PS2?"

"$25 in credit."

"I talked to some other game stores, and they said they would give me $65 to $70."

"Then I suggest you take it to them. I find giving more for a used game than what it sells for new to be a very poor business decision."

[long pause]

"Uhm...how about $50?"

"No, no, no. I insist you take your game to one of those fine stores that undoubtedly seeks your business much more than I do, as they are willing to take such a loss for your benefit. Have a good day."


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Have always liked Gord. Retail therapy.
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It's true its all true. I work in a game shop. We are often that rude to people asking about copied games et.c.
I love this site.
It is beyond how someone can think it is ok to go into a shop that sells games for a living and ask how to copy games. These people are retarded and deserve everything they get from gord and me.

Pretty much everything on this sight I can relate to.
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I am of two minds...on the one hand, I've considered compiling similar collections of tales based on retail jobs past, and I've certainly regaled friends with stories very much like these time and again. There's just no end to the "You won't believe the idiot that walked in here today" material when you work behind a counter of any kind.

On the other hand, when you see all these interactions so carefully logged in great detail...it just looks kind of petty. So much effort to catalogue what are usually minor annoyances and stupidities! Doesn't it seem like you're giving the idiot customers more time than they're worth?

It takes a very witty and slightly self-deprecating writer to walk this line.
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sorry I meant site not sight. It's sunday afternoon and I am in a very hot and sweaty game shop being rude to customers, forgive me...
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The Gord is great, although it must be said that the dialogue is exaggerated at times.

It appears that it's going to be sold as a physical book as well soon. Can't say I'd buy it though.
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The Gord live(s/d) in Penticton. I can vouch that, what with the people living there and the summer tourist influx, that things truly are as he describes.
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Am I the only one who thinks he frequently crosses the line into being an outright dick? the "Get off welfare. Get a job" schtick got old, really quick. And this sounds more like some petty testerone-induced fantasy than something that actually happened.
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i_am_joes_spleen: why do you think this guy is the model for the Simpsons' character? Many amusing tales on the website, sure, but I hardly see the underlying personality as especially unique.
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It was a while back, but I can pretty much vouch for this kind of thing being true to life for someone working a counter at a gaming store. True, I never bothered diving over the counter in classic Miami Vice 70's style to chase after someone who'd stolen a game - but then, it wasn't my store so I didn't care THAT much.

Also, a lot of the Comic Book Store guys are actually more catastrophically thin geeks than they are fat. The attitude accusation though is all a fair cop because God knows the idiot customers deserve it and they'd get a great deal of well-deserved physical violence as well if it weren't for the damned law . . .
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Brilliant; hilarious; couldn't stop reading! Thanks, Joe! For the via too - a double wowee, to be sure.
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billsaysthis: the carefully phrased invective. I think the CBG's rhetorical style and the Gord's are very similar.
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GeekAnimator: Well, if it's NOT a fantasy, Mr. "Gord" laid himself open to assault charges in front of witnesses. Never smart. And, for that matter, he was lucky "little bitch" wasn't a little knife-carrying bitch...
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he was lucky "little bitch" wasn't a little knife-carrying bitch...

nah, if the kid had had a knife, gord would have deftly disarmed the clumsy kid before dispensing more bitch slaps.

at least, that's what the 'version' on his website would say.

methinks gord got beat up a lot as a kid
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GeekAnimator: yeah, he does cross the line. That's what makes it so... compelling.
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I can't help but read it with the intonation of thecomicbookguy. It's much more funny that way.
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jesus, people actually go into game shops and try to sell COPIED games??

the dark underbelly of Canada, I guess
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Thanks, Joe! For the via too - a double wowee, to be sure.

Miguel, you start reposting SE links here and I'll just have to kill you.

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Wow, what a smug, self-righteous cretin, jealously guarding his sad little domain. Hey, it is Comic Book Guy! Wonderful life to live.
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I think the site is about 12/18 months old. I saw it a while back, anyway.

The Book of Proclamations is interesting. Gord turned out to be correct on the fate of the GameCube.

Chalk me up for one more who has to read it mentally in the voice of Comic Book Guy.
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