Iraq Now: 20 Questions
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Iraq Now: 20 Questions An attempt to answer the many questions about the Iraq war--how many troops are now there? Shia "revolt?" How many civilians killed? What is happening to the Kurds? etc etc
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It's pretty good, 18 out of 20 ain't bad.

The test will come when and if the Americans deliver on their promise of free elections.

Test failed.

How much was taken is a matter of heated debate. The museum's director of research, Donny George, told all who would listen that an astonishing 170,000 objects -- almost the museum's entire collection -- was gone, a historic cultural loss. Mr. George accused American soldiers of turning a blind eye.

There have been calls for Mr. George to be fired.

Or perhaps they could send him a formal apology.
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Ah, XQ, so it's just failed then, the test is over, close your blue books and go home, check the list for your social security number to see your grade?

In Local Councils, Seeds of Self-Rule in Iraq and Aim to Empower Grass Roots indicate that all is not, perhaps, lost.

Oh, and XQ: Even the Guardian is sticking by skeptics, finding compelling evidence not only that the 170,000 items [figure] was a huge exaggeration, but also that some of the looting may have been an inside job, [with some treasures] plundered by senior Baathists long before the war. In addition, we found a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and other arms in a storeroom. This seemed to prove that the museum had indeed been a prepared military position, just as the Americans had claimed. Many items, including the 5000-year-old Vase of Warka, have been returned. What does seem clear is that George is prone to exaggeration: he wouldn't let this reporter into the museum to confirm his account (and American soldiers guarding it, by then, hustled her off after she nearly stepped on a grenade). His professional reputation should be trashed.
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Great link, Postroad. These stories are so rarely followed up that it's useful to see so many answers in one link.
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this is a great link - thanks Postroad.
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I just have to say I feel SO sorry for our troops if the biggest "recreational event" is a concert featuring Wayne Newton opening for Kid Rock. That's just shudderworthy.
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If this is such a great link, I'll desist from criticizing it as being a simple link to yet another news item about Iraq, then, shall I?

...after all, it is a useful piece, and the subject captivates my interest and stirs my ire, too, which gives me license to ignore the specific injunction by the site owner against posting stuff like it, and my interests override those of the group, right?
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Well, stravos, it seems like the bluff worked. But what will happen next time if Matt doesn't delete this thread?
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