Are you sure? It looks awfully high...
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Theme Park Accidents "Four-year-old Brandon Zucker was injured, and ultimately left with brain damage, when he flew out of the ride vehicle and was pinned beneath it. A state investigation blamed Disneyland personnel for loading the Zuckers into the vehicle incorrectly, and cites additional ride design flaws. As a result, Roger Rabbit became the first attraction ordered closed for repairs under California's new theme park regulation law."
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thanks. i was just starting to get over my chronic paranoia, i appreciate it.
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I always wholeheartedly trust my life to the dropout stoners who run these things.
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Now, now: "He's not just some guy, Marge. He's a carny and part of a noble tradition. Carnies built this country -- the carnival part of it anyway -- and though they may be rat-like in appearance, they are truly kings among men."

-- Homer on carnies, "Bart Carny" episode of "The Simpsons"
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Ye olde Used Ride Lot...
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I used to love roller coaster rides, but the last time I went on one resulted in severe headaches and neck pain, and I have vowed to never again take the risk of brain injury. The number one cause of amusement park injury is dehydration, but the number one cause of amusement park fatality is acute subdural hematoma. Check out this .gov listing of amusement park-related brain injuries and deaths for more information.
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Crumbs, when I was talked into riding this thing last year, the only thing stopping me from having some sort of stroke as the ride was about to start was the idea that dedicated mechanical engineers had spent thousands of hours testing the thing, and 'it must be safe because the park couldn't afford the compo payout if there were a crash'.

This reassuring notion was shattered when a 17 year old attendant slouched by and casually slammed the harness into place.

In an wavering voice I asked him if he's ridden the thing.

"Pffft, not anymore" was his reply.

I think it no accident that the only bar in the park is situated about 10 metres from the bottom of this ride.
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I wonder about waterslides. I was 17 when I saw a kid come speeding down one, catch some serious air.... and then have his leg catch one of the flagpoles that periodically lined the sides. He flipped out, around, and very fortunately, back into the slide, but not altogether comfortably, to say the least.

I've been down some of those super steep speed slides a few times since then, but I can't shake that image, and a few years ago, I just decided to stop *making* myself go on any slide I thought exposed me to serious heights.

Of course, I still want to try rock climbing, still take risks hiking in the wilderness, do not eat the best diet to avoid colon trouble, and there's everyone's statistically threatening activity of choice, driving....
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Buncha cowards...
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We went to the amusement park
it was a bright and shiny day
we went on all the rides
and then we died.
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Everyone just stay in your houses where it's safe. Let those of us who venture out in a effort to seek amusement have our fun.
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Katemonkey's link results in:
The site you just came from is stealing our bandwidth.
It's against this host's policies for external websites to directly link to non-HTML files.
We're sure you'll like our site.
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The site you just came from is stealing our bandwidth.

well, heck.

Here's a mirror then.
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preview is for testing links. :-)
btw, when i instituted this policy at blort i saw a 6 GIG per week drop in bandwidth. 6 GIGS. mostly message board chumps using blort images in thier sigs on pages that load thousands of times a day. fuggum! also btw, i specifically allow linking from metafilter...
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