Sistine Condition
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Vatican Art is now viewable online at the Vatican website. View the Sistine Chapel and Raphael's Rooms in all their glory (sort of).
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Not that it helps us tell Robin Williams what any of it smells like.
posted by nthdegx at 5:49 AM on June 25, 2003

Was it supposed to smell like something? I thought of that line while standing in the Sistine Chapel, and was slightly disappointed that I couldn't really smell anything other than sweaty tourists.
posted by andrewzipp at 6:12 AM on June 25, 2003

Great site - thanks.
posted by plep at 6:58 AM on June 25, 2003

*grumble* Am I the only one who is getting about 50% grey squares instead of pictures when I go to zoom in? Insert Papal plug-in joke of choice here

It's about frickin' time. It always astounds me that the richest religion in the world hired what seems to be the world's slowest webmaster.
posted by romakimmy at 7:50 AM on June 25, 2003

Nasty site. Crashed my browser. This is weird and ugly, but at least more user-friendly. Google image search will get you more usable images of all this stuff. Pretty good image quality at the Michelangelo gallery here. I'm still waiting to be convinced by the good people at
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