July 30, 2000
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Speaking of redesigns, has anyone visited http://www.kottke.org/ recently (like in the last 24 hours)? Whaddya think?
posted by Lynsey (9 comments total)
It's kinda whacky, kinda fun. But I think deep down inside I'm missing that good ol' yellow . . . Of course the site's had that same design for a while now. And it's been ripped off more times than I can remember. I guess it's time for a change.
posted by Ms Snit at 11:33 PM on July 30, 2000

I'm sure this won't last, Ms. Snit. It appears Jason's tongue is bursting through his cheek; just a retaliatory nugge-nudge to our boy, Greg.
posted by Awol at 11:52 PM on July 30, 2000

Checkt out the copyright at the bottom:All contents copyright © 1994-2000 Jason Kottke. Page designby Lance Arthur for An Entirely Other Day, h@ck3d by JasonKottke. D00dz! 3117E! W@R3z!!! MP3z! purp13 m0nk3y d1$hw@sh3r!!! D00dz!!!!

posted by ar0n at 12:20 AM on July 31, 2000

It's kind of entertaining. Actually, I'm wondering if it isn't time Mr Kottke built something new for us all. I'm still pining after the sleeping 0sil8.
posted by barbelith at 9:41 AM on July 31, 2000

Let me be the first to brag that I figured out what His Kottkeness was doing by just squiniting to read the faded lettering behind "kottke-dot-org". (And the last time I saw EOD, it was using the Kottke Kopy Design) Of course, I also noticed the subtle difference in the picture of the barbecue guy (Look at the TOP of his head, not down there, you preverts). And I am so happy to see one of the few real Top Bloggers bringing a bit of respectability to the practice of Design Haxing (or whatever it's officially called), a proud tradition that dates back to 1999 and WetNeale's successful cloning of Jakob Nielsen's "UsieIt". It's absolutely inspirational...
posted by wendell at 10:30 AM on July 31, 2000

I don't care for it or the big fat dude in the corner!
posted by FAB4GIRL at 11:19 AM on July 31, 2000

"Design Haxx0ring," Wendell. You need the xx0r in there. It's key.
posted by jason at 11:20 AM on July 31, 2000

Thanks. I don't have my English/Hacker Disctionary with me today.
posted by wendell at 12:19 PM on July 31, 2000

Anybody hacks my site's unoriginal art, they'll have to answer to the dead forgotten artist from whom I lifted the images.

posted by lileks at 11:59 PM on July 31, 2000

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