Robot sculptures, rayguns & sci fi artworks
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Lawrence Northey's portfolio of robot sculptures. Meet the charming Teen Tokyo, the elegant Robot Queen and her entourage, and others in a delightful cast of characters. The artist creates some very cool rayguns too! Northey's works are in the spirit of Clayton Bailey, the robot artist extraodinaire. (via La Petite Claudine)
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Oh bliss! It may not have any stun capacity, but still - this is the sort of raygun that makes Charlton Hestons of all of us. Thanks for the toys and the playfulness, juju!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 6:02 AM on June 26, 2003

I've been restraining myself from buying a raygun from Joe Blow. I think the only thing holding me back so far has been the lack of online shopping.

Beautiful site madamjujujive, I love that these sculptures are made out of otherwise mundane items.
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best. robot. ever.

Interesting how he vamped up a robot inspired by Degas' Little Dancer that he initially called 'Lolita'.
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eddydamascen is SO right on this one.
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