The Mullet - Bollywood Style!!
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The Mullet - Bollywood Style!! Ah, the mullet. Absolut Films tells of the birth of this maligned sartorial trend in "Mulit", a tongue-in-cheek branded content piece with '70s Bollywood flair. Both a :60 trailer and feature, "Mulit" is a musical love story about a man, a woman and an unfinished haircut that transcends class structures, fashion trends and predilections for bad hair. Without such roots, phrases like the 'short-long', 'hockey hair' and 'work in front, party in back' would be meaningless and '80s rock would still be searching for a signature style.
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5 out of 5 stars
posted by Trik at 12:16 PM on June 28, 2003

[this is good..a lot of QuickTime...but good]
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For some reason, I'm now craving vodka.
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When I watched this before, I was thinking that it would have been a lot cooler if I hadn't known it was a parody beforehand. Still, funny stuff.

I also dug that Siemens phone commercial that's like Minority Report x "Come to Daddy" x Footloose.
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Hey did you guys know that, in the eighties, guys and gals grew their hair long in back and cut it short in the front and on the sides? Neither did I! I've never seen this before! Who would have thought that someone would do something crazy like that?

You know, I'm glad that kids today don't participate in anything stupid like the mullet. Kids today are so smart.
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In my neck of the woods, it was called the lesbian-feminist, haircut after the demographic first to sport it. It was the coiffure adopted by the granola lefties on 15th Avenue East--aka the Capitol Hillbillies--when the punk/new wave era hit Seattle in 1978. They weren't sure if the whole short hair thing was going to catch on, so they were hedging their bets. Our line then was Punk in front, Hippy in the back.
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Cut the Mullet.
To the tune of "Shock The Monkey"? Maybe not.
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I have to admit, I used to sport one of these, but I'd never heard it called a "Mullet" until about a year or so ago. To me, it was always the "Bi-level" (yes, like the house). What's scary is that sometimes I still think it kind of looks not too bad - at which point I figure I probably need to grab a thermometer and make sure I'm not coming down with something.
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how many absolut bottles did y'all count to? the prison tower was the best.
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